5 easy ways to optimize your WordPress site

WordPress is a very famous platform to run modern websites on. All of the good thing have their pros and cons. Let me tell you about the weak sides of WordPress today.

Many WordPress site owners meet with this issue ones in a while at least. And this is slowness.

First of all management and content uploads become a paidfull process and the worst is that your visitors run away immediately while experiencing those troubles.

When visitors land on your website innitially you have just a couple of seconds to capture their attention and make the stay longer at your site.

Believe me they would never come back if they are stuck while browsing through your webpages and you would never see them back again. Don’t let it happen…

The important thing to mention is that nowadays Google search engine would include the speed of your site in it’s ranking theme and it would most probably effect your search engine optimization stuff.

One way or another you would surely be loosing visitors and customers of yours. It does bites, does it?!

Let me give you a couple of hints on how you can change it for the best and get the immediate results.

Let’s speed up your WordPress right now!

1. Make sure you choose trusted and firm themes for your custom view in your WordPress site. I would not recommend getting a free customer theme from untrusted torrent databases or whatever.

Nowadays lots of design studios offer you the best support for the themes created by them and you would be suprised it won’t spend much of your budget. The premium themes cost around 50$ and you got the unlimied support from the creators. So I would strongly advice to go for it.

You got what you pay for! Keep it in mind.

2. Homepage matters. Optimize is to load fast, very fast.

This is the face of your project, business, whatever you want to show to your audience. This is important for you!Make sure you keep them feel the same! They should understand this is important thing, the thing that you do!

Do not overload the main page this lots of images and lots of information. Remove unnecessary posts and picture.

Firm, focused and simple design would help you keep your visitor on your page longer and deep dive into the other pages in a while.

Use the WP Optimize plugin. This one is tested and works great. Try it for yourself and you will get the good result.

3. Add the Expires header Script to your WordPress site.

At a fist look this would not bother you as an option.

But believe me the more content you are adding to the pages of your site the slower it becomes.

The Expires Header help you determine the time for your visitors not to re-fetch any static content like JavaScript, imaged, CSS file and other. You can cut the load time of your site quite significant.

To make it happen go to the public_html folder of your WordPress hosting, find the .htaccess file in this folder and add add the following code inside and safe the file:

ExpiresActive On
ExpiresByType image/gif A2592000
ExpiresByType image/png A2592000
ExpiresByType image/jpg A2592000
ExpiresByType image/jpeg A2592000

The numbers above are seconds, so it’s up to you on how you would adjust them. Test it and you would see the result.

4. The next hit I would give you would be the image content optimization on your site.

Well, images, important thing to have and kind of impossible to go without nowadays. Right?

The load of the images might be slow and painful for your visitor.

Use the Image Lazy Loader plugin for the images load optimization. This will speed up your page loads and could save the bandwidth as it would load less data for users who do not scroll all the way down to every single page.

Install the plugin and you would have this function automatically for you.

5. At the last but not least advice would be to replace the PHP with static HTML code if possible.

Let me explain.

This is mostly advanced but nothing to worry about. You would be able to implement it easily after this read.

The whole thing is that this optimization would reduce the download time of your pages and increase the page load speed a lot.

Make sure you consult with the trusted courses before you make any great changed to your code.

Now that you are more familiar with the ways to make your WordPress site function quicker go and try all of the above methods and you would love them as I did once.

Enjoy and share this information with other!

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