6 Best GetResponse Competitors in 2021

Doing business has changed and how! Let us take a look at what it means to be doing business in the year 2021:

  1. The pandemic has forced many small and local businesses to now go online since most of the world remained in lock down for the better part of the year, while the rest of the year was spent in caution with fewer and fewer people venturing out for non essential shopping and needs.
  1. With the advent of all things digital since the last 20 years, this past one year has seen an accumulated growth that would have otherwise taken at least 4 years to chart! That is a very high increase in the digital realm itself, which has taken on the role of commerce more than socializing and anything else!
  1. Businesses now have the challenge of making a dent online with the current and timely use of big data which will take their efficiency in reach and engagement, towards seamless conversions.
  1. Businesses that had never thought they would go online, have now been seen online since everything from the essential to the non essential now happens in the digital world thanks to the health scare and the constant on and off lock down in most parts of the world.
  1. The world of big data has exploded with the constant use of digital tools for everything from keeping in touch with family and friends, to buying grocery, clothes and much more online as well as banking. This has ensured that there are many opportunities to learn what the typical buying behavior is.
  1. Yet, competition has also become more stiff than before since all the big data is not easy to sift through. Every business worth its salt now has to find the most relevant information that would help steer the prospect towards a sale, a re sell, a cross sell, or an up sell.

In the face of these challenges, we have found that there are many emerging technologies that one can tap into – and CRM is one of the most important ones. CRM bigwigs like GetResponse and the GetResponse competitors have been growing in importance for more than the past decade – and it is easy to see why. With alternatives to GetResponse, you get to tap into a number of tools that can keep your business looking forward even as it moves on with stellar organization and well coordinated teams, that are backed by the right information in the right place. Here are a few things that you would get when you turn to an alternative to GetResponse:

  • Automation: This would be one of the most important things you can get from a GetResponse alternative. When you have so many opportunities, reaching out to them and keeping them engaged would be quite a task that would take months and weeks of manual labour – not to mention the sheer monotony that would demotivate even the best of teams! With automation, you would be able to say yes to all the opportunities in front of you since auto responses, auto notifications, auto syncing and automatically drawing up and displaying the relevant information for each and every task, would become your mainstay with CRM. This is something that can take you upwards, much faster in your business journey.
  • Integration: You can integrate everything from your social media feeds to your ads, landing pages and especially your email with such a system since it offers you the space and the scope to do so. But why do you need integration? A GetResponse alternative would ensure that all your platforms and channels are integrated in one place so that you are able to tap into the same information at the same time when it comes to serving your customer in the optimum way, or even engaging with them long enough to ensure that a conversion happens at the end of the day!
  • Wider Reach: With wider reach, you would get a better understanding of who your end user is and exactly what problem your product or service can solve for that person. This points at data driven operations that essentially ensure you have all the information to articulate campaigns and one on one engagement to truly strike a chord. Further, with the system of insights within a GetResponse alternative, you will find that you end up using this information efficiently and at the right time to drive home higher revenues.

Now that we have understood the basic qualities that we are looking for in the GetResponse competitors, let us understand who these competitors are and which one is the best:

EngageBay: This GetResponse alternative offers the very best in terms of wide ranging features and affordable pricing as well as stellar integrations for you and your business. You can also generate leads and qualify them for seamless conversions, right here.

Convert Kit: This alternative to GetResponse offers mainly email marketing but it does not have all the integrations that you would need for your business online.

Mailer Lite: This GetResponse alternative is also mainly focussed on email marketing, yet it is not the most affordably priced platform especially for small and growing businesses that need a push.

Insightly: This GetResponse competitor is one that offers many features and much scope for integration. But it is not a very affordable platform since you have to pay a lot for its many services.

Active Campaign: This alternative to GetResponse will help you organize your email marketing and lead generation efforts. But, it is not the most efficient in terms of integrations with other platforms.

Send Pulse: This is a new and upcoming GetResponse alternative that offers you a smaller range of services as compared to all of the above platforms that we have listed here.

At the end, out of all the GetResponse alternatives, one can easily see that Engage Bay is the best one since it is affordable and offers many wide ranging features for all kinds of businesses.

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