7 Best Small Business WordPress Plugins 2019

WordPress is one of the most popular tools for building websites. It is generally easy to use and because it has become so popular, easy to get help with if you need it.
Of course, the key to any successful website is to make sure you’re aware of the latest website trends and apply them when appropriate. Staying relevant is important to every business.
To help your website perform at its best you should consider including the following 7 plugins.

Everest Forms

This is a free plugin which will allow you to create a great contact page. Your contact page is one of the most important pages on your website; people will use it to contact you, allowing them to ask queries or even chase up a transaction.
If you don’t have a contact page then customers may find it hard to trust you. This plugin will help you to create a great contact page.


You’ll appreciate this free plugin as it effectively filters spam. It does this by providing a status history for every comment posted on your site. You’ll quickly be able to see which are spammy and should be voided.

Yoast SEO

The great news is that this plugin is also free!
Yoast is an essential tool to make sure your content is as good as possible for the search engines. In short, it will guide you to help your pages get to the top of the relevant search engines.
It does this by assessing readability, to ensure potential customers will stay on your page and read the information. It also looks at keyword orientation to ensure the search engines will like the page.

Google XML Sitemaps

Even if you’re not a lover of Google you’ll appreciate the importance of having site maps. These allow the search engines to see every aspect of your website and rank the various pages. The result is an improved ability to find your pages trough searches, increasing your potential audience.


The more images you have on your page the slower it will load. This can actually make people click away before they’ve even seen your pages.
However, images are an important part of getting your message across. That’s why you need to utilize Nivoslider, it will display images as a slideshow and avoid the heavy data use of multiple images or videos, while still providing an appealing effect to potential customers.


This great plugin automatically takes backups of your system. It will give you complete peace of mind that, even if something disastrous happens, you’ll be able to get back up and running in no time.
It even works across multiple websites.

Wordfence Security

It’s worth investing in a security plugin. You need to do everything possible to keep hackers away. Malicious bots and other hacker tricks can destroy your work in virtually no time. This plugin will help to prevent that from happening, allowing you to focus on keeping your customers happy.

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