Adding your logo to PressWork

When you first install PressWork, it should look somewhat similar to our demo, minus the content and a few other things. Like most people, the first thing you probably want to do is get rid of our logo and add your own. You don’t have to of course, you could always just remove the header logo and add your blog name instead, but that is for a whole other tutorial.

This tutorial is all about adding your own logo into the PW header logo area. First thing you need to do is upload your logo to your server. Go into your wp-admin and click on the Media link in your left menu.


Next you need to click on the “Add New” button at the top of the Media page, next to the page title. This will bring you to the uploader page where you can browse your desktop and upload your logo image. Make sure it is in a web safe format such as jpg, gif or png.

Once your logo has been uploaded, you should see a field called File URL. That is the code you need to copy and paste. It should look something like this:

With your logo File URL copied, head on back to the front end and click on the PressWork Layout toolbox button to open the Layout panel. Make sure you’ve selected “Header” from the drop down list so that the Logo Image URL field is visible. All you need to do now is paste in your logo File URL and hit enter.

layout-panelYour logo should appear automatically in your header. If all looks good, click on the save button (the last button in the PW Toolbox) and you’re ready to go.