Best Popups For Your Website From Weblium Website Builder

Pop-ups are an effective way to attract the attention of your site visitors.

It is crucial to show pop-ups at the right time and at the right place, so it could help visitors perform an action when he is absolutely ready to do that. This is the only way you can use pop-ups to move your potential customers down the sales funnel.

Let’s figure out what popups are, what are their advantages, and how to make the perfect pop-up that will effectively increase your site’s conversion and sales!

Today, there is no need to either pay a lot of money, ordering a small business website from a web-studio or to create it yourself from scratch, losing a lot of time and developing individual elements (for example, pop-ups) using paid services. For all that, you have modern website builders!

Try Weblium: using this progressive, feature-rich website builder, you can easily add ready-made pop-ups to your site, deeply customize their design, and use multiple settings to use them on your website!

1What is a popup?

Pop-up is a window that appears (“pops up”) when a visitor is on your website’s page to give him some information (changes/promotions/ offers), and motivate him to perform an action.

2What are the advantages of popups?

  • generating leads and expanding the customer base;
  • informing clients about something in a most appropriate way;
  • keeping visitors on your site longer;
  • increasing sales;
  • improving user experience, increasing repeat sales;
  • a choice of flexible options for displaying pop-ups: you can set them to appear when loading the page, when scrolling, after some time a visitor spent on the site, when a visitor tries to leave the page, etc.;
  • increasing conversion up to 8-10% (and sometimes up to 50%!), without the need to spend a lot of money, to redesign your website or to make your support specialists work extra hours.

3How to use a popup correctly?

  • Create a clear call to action with a clear benefit for the visitor. The content of the popup should be concise and clear (three lines of text are enough). Also, reduce the number of fields in the forms, ask your visitor only important questions.
  • Create a correct popup design: it should stand out against the general website background (to make the popup more visible, use darkening or blurring the background). Call-to-action, promotions, and buttons should be highlighted, the background should be neutral — gray or white (if you use a dark background with a bright pop-up, the text will be difficult to read). Remember that the popup style should match the overall website design so that the user wouldn’t think that this is a third-party ad.

Using Weblium, you can easily customize the popup design (like in any other block) — change the design, width, color, background, font, add animation, pictures or videos, and so on. Also, you can add an empty block and create a custom popup from scratch!

  • Consider the perfect time to show certain popups: they should appear in the right place and at the right time!

Weblium offers advanced settings to display your popups: after page load (immediately or with a delay), on scroll, on page, on certain visitor’s action, on exit intent. Also, you can customize the display frequency and set up your window to pop up for a specific target audience.

Also, Weblium offers the ability to build pop-ups chains (transitions from pop-up to pop-up).

Of course, you can specify the pages on which your popups will be shown — and you can set it up with just a few clicks! To do this, enable the “Show on pages” option and tick the required pages in the “Selected pages” field.

  • Remember that your popups should be relevant: don’t use the same popup on every page of your website — try different types of them (but not all at once).

Weblium offers a huge variety of popup templates to choose from (9 template sections!).

  • 9 template sections!Add a trigger. You can place a promo code or use the word “free”. You must make an interesting offer to your potential customer.
  • Use the “crowd effect”. Pop-ups offering to subscribe to a newsletter often contain information about how many people have already signed up. Such things inspire confidence!
  • The pop-up window should not cover the whole screen. This is especially true for small mobile screens.

At any time, in the Weblium editor, you can enable the “Do not show on small screens” option so as not to annoy your mobile visitors.

  • Add a prominent button to minimize or close the popup. The more difficult it is for a visitor to close an offer, the stronger his negative impression of using the site.

Weblium offers several ways to allow visitors to get rid of the popup. In addition to clicking the “x” button in the upper right corner of the block, the user can close the pop-up by clicking on any area of the screen, or press ESC on the keyboard.

  • A popup that the user had closed should not appear again.
  • Create several different pop-ups if there is a lot of information you want to show.
  • If users have ad-blocks, do not try to bypass them.
  • If you collect user data, do not forget to warn users about data processing.
  • Let the person know that their actions with the pop-up worked.
  • Check your pop-ups on all devices.

All Weblium website templates have a mobile-first design by default, and all sites, as well as individual blocks and elements, look great on all existing devices.

  • Analyze the results.

Weblium provides advanced opportunities for event tracking on your site.

4How to add a popup in the Weblium editor

Step 1

Open a Pop-ups tab on the toolbar in the site editor.

Step 1. Open a Pop-ups tab on the toolbar in the site editor.

Step 2
 Click “+ Pop-up” at the bottom of the menu.

Step 2. Click "+ Pop-up" at the bottom of the menu.

Step 3

Choose a suitable block from 9 sections or create a pop-up from scratch.

For example, you can choose a template from the “Call to Action” section, add a cool offer and a contact form.

Step 3. Choose a suitable block from 9 sections or create a pop-up from scratch.

Step 4

Edit your pop-up.

Add calls to action, break the company’s news in a compelling way, and avoid using phrases that can provoke negative reactions.

Save the changes, and you will see your pop-up window. By clicking on the “three dots” button, you can rename, duplicate, or delete the popup. And by clicking on the “gear” button, you can set the desired ways your popup displays, as well as its animation, appearance, and behavior.

Edit your pop-up.

If you follow the recommendations described above, then, after some time, you will find that your website’s conversion has significantly increased.

Be sure to test several pop-up options to find out which one works best for your target audience!

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