How to Boost SEO Performance Without Actually Doing SEO

SEO is still regarded as one of the best ways to market a site.

Thanks to WordPress’s flexibility – and the best WordPress SEO plugins available today – SEO is easier than ever. Sometimes, the things you can do to improve your site’s SEO performance aren’t always directly related to SEO. There are simple things you can do to greatly boost your site’s SEO performance and we are going to review them in this article.

How to Boost SEO Performance Without Actually Doing SEO

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Improve User Experience

User experience matters. How users feel about your site will greatly influence how they interact with it. Maintaining a high level of user satisfaction is a must, especially now that you’re competing with thousands – if not millions – of other websites in the same industry.

Simple things can help improve user experience. A faster-loading page, a smoother navigation menu, better animations and even the fonts you choose for your site can all improve user experience greatly. The more users enjoy your site, the longer they will stay – and the more frequently they will return. You can even hire the best SEO agency do all the fine-tuning for you.

This may not seem like something you do for SEO, but user experience now has significant impact on your search engine rankings. Crawlers and search engines consider the factors we discussed earlier – time on site, return visits, etc. – when ranking websites. Sites with better user experience will rank higher naturally.

Actually Doing SEO

Go Local

If you’re a local business targeting a local market, there is no need to compete with other companies from different parts of the world. You can actually focus your time and energy in enhancing your local presence.

For instance, you can set up a Google Business page. Start replying to reviews and comments on directories and review sites too. Another good thing to do is to add location information to your website, mainly on the footer and the Contact Us page.

Focusing on the local market segment that suits your business is just the first step. Consider using a country-specific domain name and moving your hosting to a data centre near you. If you’re based in the UK, hosting your site on a UK server and using a domain is the way to go.

Again, these may not have direct correlation with SEO, but they are actually great steps to take when you want to be more visible in search results. SEO service providers now focus on this type of local SEO too. When the search is coming from the UK – or a particular city – search engines will prioritise your site due to close proximity. This may lead to thousands of new visitors (and customers).

Connect with Others

There are two parties you should connect with: the experts (and influencers) in your industry and your customers. You can connect with both parties on social media. Set up social media pages and make sure you take the time to post valuable content and respond to replies and questions.

Influencers often promote products and services they like, so having a good relationship with them is a must. Customers, on the other hand, will gladly talk about their positive user experience – and share information about your site – when you have good personal relationship with them.

These steps and efforts may not have direct correlation to SEO, but they will help improve your site’s SEO performance nonetheless. Give them a try and you’ll be surprised to see the impact on your site’s search engine rankings.

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