How to Have a Successful Website that Converts

Website design is a critical factor for every business looking to attract and retain more visitors. Competition for online attention is continuing to increase at an unprecedented speed. At the same time, users’ individual online attention continues to shrink. Therefore, it is hard to stand out if your website is not well designed and developed.

So, how do you ensure your website design game is top-notch? Read on.


Mobile friendly

As more people continue to own mobile phones, having a compatible website with mobile phones is necessary. That way, you’ll reach your audience in any place worldwide.

Always check to see if the main features of your current website are accessible on a mobile phone. Google mobile site tester is one of the best tools that can help you to do this. If the website is not compatible with mobile phones, a mobile website builder can be great.

For a more customized website that will attract users, find a reliable website developer.


Clear information architecture

Your website’s user experience highly depends on how you’ve organized and presented your information. Find a good User Experience (UX) designer who will plan the sections and contents of your website to ensure users don’t get confused or lost while browsing your site.

An excellent designer will take human behaviors, demands, and expectations when working on the website. The need for an excellent UX becomes even more crucial if you’re going to include a lot of content.


Lightning-fast Loading Speeds

Most people will leave a website that takes more than 3 seconds to load. The effect is an increased bounce rate, which can severely hurt your SEO efforts. This effect, in turn, leads to lost revenue.

Always test the speed of your website using tools like Pingdom. Most tools will also suggest the actions that you need to take to improve your website’s speeds.

Additionally, get rid of unnecessary widgets and plugins. This step improves website speed and ensures that the user doesn’t get overwhelmed with unnecessary pop-ups and information.

For more complicated steps, be sure to engage a professional website designer or developer who will give you back a website with improved speeds.


Contrasting Color Schemes

Your website should have the right contrast between the content and the background. It should be pleasing to the eyes and speak out your brand. It also helps the users to read your content easily without being overwhelmed with shouting colors.

This artistic feature requires the eye of an expert who knows what color works for your brand message. Apart from speed, users are more likely to exit a website whose colors are unattractive.


SEO friendly

It is essential to ensure search engines crawl and index your website content without obstacles. Therefore, optimize both on-page and off-page factors to encourage the engines to rank your website highly for particular keywords. Semantic coding and plugins are some of the many ways that can assist you here.

Seek some basic knowledge of how your content can be indexed and how to customize your on-page elements. For more technical SEO aspects, ensure you hire a specialized expert to handle those areas to focus on closing sales.


Optimize the landing pages

For a successful campaign, you should optimize your landing pages to ensure they convert as many visitors as possible. They should be able to drive high ROI for your email promotions, PPC ads, inbound marketing efforts, and other campaigns.

It is vital to establish a system that allows you to create and customize your landing pages as quickly as possible. Be sure to control the system easily when it comes to changing navigation and setting the indexing status.

If you’re using these landing pages for dedicated campaigns instead of the regular content, ensure they are separate from the normal navigation.


Excellent website design is crucial in the current world of digital marketing. Your online success largely depends on the user experience. An excellent UX will not only attract more visitors to your website but also keep them hooked. There is no point in spending money on displaying your ads to drive traffic, yet your site doesn’t look appealing.

While you may have some knowledge that can help you tweak your website design, I suggest you leave the job to professionals like EWR Digital Web Design services. They are professionals in Digital Marketing. From website design to website development, and SEO marketing to paid media, they have you covered.

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