How to Increase Website Efficiency with Microsoft Office 365




An impeccable website experience requires robust operating system and internet processor. MS Office is a cloud based suite of Office applications along with other add-ons that help you have a complete work ecosystem on your gadget, even if you are away from the work desk. Website efficiency means how fast the website page responds to the query and brings information from the server to the user. This is measured in milliseconds and is expected to be as fast as a blink of an eye. Microsoft Office 365 can help increase the website efficiency, if used wisely. Here’s how.


Website performance is mostly affected by very common issues like:


High latency period: The time required by the server to process the information and send it back to the user is known as latency period. If this period is longer, it surely becomes a source of frustration and users are found complaining about the slow speed of network. The latency period tends to extend if the operating system of the gadget is not of the best quality, or the gadget is bugged.


Poor bandwidth: Website requires a certain bandwidth to operate and get the queries resolved in a record time. This factor is also important to consider while building the website, because some require low bandwidth while others need a larger chunk. Deciding the correct amount of bandwidth is dependent on what kind of content the website carries. Graphics and images mean huge packets of data and so, larger bandwidth is useful. So, if you have chosen to upgrade your website in terms of content, without switching up the bandwidth, it will certainly lead to poor website performance.


How Microsoft office 365 maintains the optimal website performance


Microsoft Office 365 is a cloud application that allows the user to extract the resources from an internet based location only when needed. Thus, the office and related applications are not replicated in every single machine. Since most of the resources in a machine are lying idle and eating the memory space, these become a source of notorious junk that affects the performance of the machine. Use of MS Office 365 stops the replication and keeps your machine full of resources for faster processing of instructions. Thus, this suite maintains the website performance by maximizing the processing power of the machine.


Secondly, Microsoft Office 365 is a scalable resource. If the website strikes gold some day and is inundated with visitors, it is not a thing to get panicked about when Microsoft Office 365 is around. This suite simply scales up the resources allowing the user to handle the sudden burst in traffic seamlessly. Various events such as natural calamity or a country-wide poll kind of events clog the internet causing ugly chaos among the users. MS Office 365 averts such events since it is located at some other place and has sufficient capacity to keep the show running.


Microsoft Office 365 helps manage large lists and libraries


Microsoft Office 365 is a pro when it comes to managing large database and libraries. Since, the users are always tempted to page through each and every library; it is advisable to have proper indexing done to accelerate the reach to the desired item. MS office does the following things for better library management:


  • It lists the libraries that are somewhere near the ListView Threshold and then divides them into manageable chunks


  • It finds the libraries or lists without indexes and makes the index so that the searching time is reduced appreciably.


A website performance is largely dependent on database management. MS Office 365 manages the lists, libraries and databases so that the website does what is expected of it.

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