How to make your WordPress Website SEO friendly in other languages

WordPress offers a platform where you can successfully advertise your business or run blogs that get you millions of clicks. Affordable and easy to use, it is a content management system that even laypeople have no trouble figuring out.

Therefore, WordPress is the perfect CMS to, for example, offer niche products such as special hobby needs, promote your business or run a blog about things that interest you. But as the world is becoming more and more connected, the demand for multilingual content is rising rapidly. According to the project manager of the online translation agency Linguation, the demand for website translations has increased by at least 20% annually during the past five years.

However, to reach potential customers or readers from abroad, one thing is without a doubt essential: offering your website in various languages. Find out below why you should have your WordPress website translated professionally and what you have to pay attention to in the process.

Three points to consider for a good WordPress website translation

When translating a WordPress website, you have to do a lot more than just translate the content into another language. You also should consider these three points if you want to design an appealing page: 


Pay close attention to the correct translation of certain terms. That sounds obvious but this can usually only be guaranteed by professional translators. There are too many ambiguous terms in every language, which are often translated wrongly, especially if you use automated machine translation. To give just a few simple examples: bat, ruler or palm are all homonyms with multiple meanings. As banal as it sounds, it is clear here that translation can only be done by someone who really knows the language and can figure out the context given. Otherwise, things like product descriptions in particular can quickly become misleading.


Localize your content. This point is neglected far too often. Localization means adapting the content of your WordPress website to the needs of the target audience in another country. This includes, among other things, accurately adapting your advertising slogan or header, which usually cannot be translated literally. Localization is one of the main tasks of professional translators.


Pay attention to SEO compatibility.  This point may be the most important one when it comes to WordPress website translations. This is simply because the most appealing website is useless if it is not found by users. Creating a SEO friendly translation is offered by professional translators who specialize in websites and marketing translations. Attention is paid to the selection and use of the right keywords considering user behavior of the target audience. In addition, knowing the algorithms of various search engines and the terms that may even be blocked by some of them can promote a top ranking of your WordPress website in search results in other countries.

Where to get a good WordPress website translation

You want to entrust your WordPress website translation to professional translators if you want to make sure it gets the attention it deserves. But how do you find a reputable provider? The safest way, according to Linguation’s project manager, is through a translation agency.

Only translators who have gone through appropriate training are included in the database  ensuring high quality and reliable translations. Translation agencies also act as mediators should there be any problems between you and the translator and are able to assess the challenges of your job so that they can put together a suitable team for guaranteed high-quality results.

You can recognize a reputable translation agency by taking a look at the corporate masthead: Check if the address provided actually exists, if there’s a phone number or other convenient ways to reach the customer service, such as  e-mail or live chat and look for a reference to the commercial register entry.

While many translation agencies offer their services online today, you should be cautious about questionably low prices, as here you will usually only receive poor-quality machine translations that you could have done yourself.

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