How to Make an Eco-Friendly Workspace

It is appalling to know that workplaces are responsible for a very high percentage of carbon footprints. They use up the most electricity, paper, and resources that use up energy.

This is why it is important to bring about changes in the workplace that can contribute to sustainability.

These changes need not be drastic or high-end. Small things like deleting emails, using less paper, etc, can help in saving energy.

Take a look at a few ways you can teach sustainability in your workplace.

Grow Indoor Plants

The best way to give to the environment is by planting trees and plants. Now every office does not have a huge garden space or layout to plant trees however, small shrubs and plants can be grown indoors. This helps you in three ways.

First, many indoor plants help keep the air fresh and purified, which is healthy for your workers. Second, these plants require low maintenance and add a charm and pop of color to the surroundings. Third, they are a boon to the environment of course.

You can even grow an indoor garden and use the vegetables you grow there for your office’s dietary needs. For example herbs such as lemongrass, basil and lavender can be grown easily. In essentials, you can grow coriander, mint, tomatoes, and fruits such as strawberries.

Reduce and Recycle Paper and Plastic

You can easily reduce your paper wastage by going paperless and using technology for all sorts of documentation. Offices are major consumers of A4-sized sheets and other papers, which can be drastically cut down if the collective decision of doing paperwork online is taken.

In case you need to use paper, then make sure that whatever paper wastage is made is recycled. Put in a separate bin for paper wastage and recycling materials on the office premises.

You can even reduce the usage of plastic by eliminating bottled water and plastic cups. Encourage your employees to get their coffee mugs or provide ceramic cups at the office.

Weekly Email Cleansing Drive

This might sound menial and arbitrary, but you will be shocked to know the amount of energy consumed by that email. A statistic read that if every person in France was to delete 50 emails per day, the electricity saved would amount to shutting the lights on the Eiffel tower off for 42 years.

You could have a 15-minute period’s time slot allotted to cleansing emails on a weekly or daily basis. This will create awareness about energy saving amongst employees and also encourage them to take more steps towards being environmentally conscious.

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Wrap Up

Saving the planet is not a one-man job. Everyone needs to contribute their bit and only that can help in retrieving the natural state of the environment.

You can do this by encouraging your colleagues and creating a workspace that is eco-friendly in small and low-cost ways.

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