How to Reduce Menial IT Tasks in the Office

Although there are a number of solutions out there claiming to be able to make an office job easier, you might not be entirely convinced that your organization needs them, especially if you’re not experiencing any major identity and access management issues. However, according to experts in Sydney IT F1 Solutions, the truth is that although you may believe that your systems are secured – especially if you have provided all colleagues with the tools needed for good efficiency and have effectively provisioned employee accounts – looking more closely at these processes can often show that there is actually much room for improvement.




Although it may not always be a major issue that is in need of solving, implementing some form of identity and access management solution can be a strategy that can drastically improve a number of different processes and reduce a wide variety of menial office tasks, in turn saving your organization a wealth of time and money. Listed below are just a few of the processes and tasks that can be dramatically improved by using various solutions.

Efficient Account Provisioning

You may not think that you have any need for an IAM solution if you’re finding that accounts are being provisioned by administration staff on time and without and issues. However, if you take the time to look a little more closely at the time taken to actually complete this task, you’ll probably find that the provisioning of accounts can not only be daunting but is prone to resulting in a number of errors – especially within larger companies.

For example, new employees will typically not have access to their user account during the first few days of their employment, meaning that they will need to wait several days in order to gain access. This is just one way that your organization may be losing money, as employees are delayed in becoming productive. Implementing a system such as an automatic account managing solution is a step that not only reduces the menial task of account provisioning for your staff, but also saves your organization time and money.

Securing the Network

No matter how many precautions you may have taken to ensure that your network is as secure as possible, there is almost always some room for improvement. For example, take a quick walk around your employees’ desks – do you see any ‘post-it’ note with their credentials on them, or any handwritten notes containing their credentials or account login details in their desk drawers? This is not only an issue that is an annoyance for employers, it’s also a major security issue that’s putting your employees’ privacy at risk.

If you find that this is occurring due to the fact that your employees are required to remember a number of different usernames and passwords in order to access different areas of the system, implementing a one-login system where your employees are able to use the same login details to access all areas is a strategy that can really help to up security levels when it comes to accessing your employees’ login information.

Reduce Inputting Time

If your employees’ are spending a considerable amount of time completing menial tasks such as inputting data, you’ll probably not only find that it’s causing your workforce to become unsatisfied and bored – you’ll also be losing out as they could be spending that time doing something more worthwhile and profitable to the business.

Using tools such as Cogniview’s PDF to Excel converter is an excellent and very efficient way of saving time and improving employee morale. Using converter tools such as these can effectively speed up the input process dramatically, meaning that your employees will have more time on their hands to concentrate on the less menial tasks. Making the data entry process easier and quicker to finish will also benefit your employees physically and mentally, which in turn will have a positive effect on your company as a whole.

Improve Employee Morale

Although it may not be the first strategy that you think of when it comes to reducing the time taken to complete menial tasks in the office or resolving any identity and access management issues, the fact is that employees who are happier tend to perform better and more quickly. Perhaps one of the most simple yet effective ways in which to reduce the time taken to complete menial tasks in your office is to help your employees to enjoy their work more and aim for a high standard of morale amongst your staff. This atmosphere of positivity will, in general, give most colleagues a boost – meaning that they’ll usually be motivated to get jobs done faster and more efficiently.

You don’t have to put a lot of time, money or effort into improving employee morale – unless the morale amongst employees in your company is unusually low – as most of the time, it’s the little things that count. Incentives are an excellent way of improving employee morale and motivation, as are planned events such as work parties or days out. Encouraging your employees to be healthier and implementing a healthy work scheme is also a good way to help your employees be happy working to the best of their ability.

Time Management

Last but not least, implementing a time management system in your office is an effective way of ensuring that menial tasks are completed efficiently and quickly. Giving employees as much time as they need to complete a task could often result in them taking longer than usual to do so, but with a clear deadline you will be able to be assured that each task is being completed as efficiently as possible.

Setting your employees realistic deadlines will soon begin to result in an office that gets menial tasks out of the way quickly, and has more time to complete the more important and profitable tasks.

Is there anything that you’d like to add to this list? How do you reduce the amount of time you take completing menial tasks at work? We’d love to hear from you in the comments.

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