Selecting the Perfect WordPress Theme – 5 Things You Should Consider

The WordPress content management system has been a great solution for many website owners. Instead of building a website from scratch, users can now buy WordPress themes and develop their dream website.

The options are quite many and some people may feel overwhelmed in their search for a good theme for their site. All these come in free and premium options. At the end of it all, there will be many different themes to choose on this content management system.

You should exercise a lot of caution when choosing a website theme. The ultimate goal is not to have a nice-looking website theme, but one that works for you.

With this content management system, you can create different kinds of websites. Different themes are designed to cater for different markets. You must be aware of this to help you make the right choice for your website.

It should perfectly match your desired content. When that time comes, here 5 aspects to look at:


Compatibility with Browsers

Users surf online using diverse browsers and for that reason, your website should be optimized for access this. Ensuring that your WordPress theme is well-matched with various kinds of browsers is vital for your website functionality. Ensure that your chosen theme is not broken in some browsers.

Developers usually test these themes using complex testing tools for browser compatibility. This information is available on the developer’s website. All the same, you can always conduct some basic tests on Firefox, Google Chrome and Internet Explorer among others.


Theme Design Simplicity

Complex theme designs may be needed on some occasions but are not applicable to all kinds of websites.  Usually, there are complex designs with various flashy animations among other features.  If all you are in need of is a website for online presence, which is the case for most people, all you need is a simple theme devoid of complex features.

Most importantly, you should pick a theme that will work for your goals and objectives. Although it is good to choose a nice theme, simplicity in use is vital.


SEO Aspects

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is vital for all website owners. It all begins with the themes used in the development of your website. For that reason, choose a theme that is SEO friendly. It is not enough to settle for an attractive theme.

If it generates badly coded HTML, the ultimate performance and presentation of your website will be poor. As you check through various themes, you will get to know those that are SEO optimized. This is an important aspect to look at prior to picking a theme.


Supported Plugins

The ability to modify your website using different plugins is important for enhancing its functionality. Plugins are therefore vital in bringing out the usefulness of your site. With these tools, you can do anything you want.

Typical WordPress plugins that you should look for include Yoast SEO, Gravity Forms and page builders among others. It is important to have all popular plugins fully supported in your preferred theme. Confirm this with the theme developers to be sure about it.


Page Builders

How easy is it to build your website pages using the preferred theme? With page builders, you can easily create page layouts by simply using a user-friendly interface.  Using premium themes can be of great help since they come with page builders already installed for your use.

Make sure you do not choose a theme whose page builders are only used by the developer. Creating your landing pages using this page builder will produce undesired code that may not work perfectly for you. Ensure that you use commonly used page builders to give you an easy time when developing your site.

Final Thoughts

The pick of a good theme for your site is vital because it will determine whether your site’s stability and performance will be good or not. Getting the best features for your site to enhance its usability should be your primary goal. These themes are available for free use and in premium versions.

The paid-WordPress themes come with a lot of better features than the freemium versions. You should go for these options for better website experience.

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