Powerful SEO tips for Small Local Businesses

For small local enterprises, business success begins in their local communities.

Establishing a successful brand in your community will help it to grow and branch into other areas. With that being said, you need to consider incorporating local SEO practices to gain a competitive advantage over other similar enterprises in the area.

Local SEO strategies will help you connect with an increased number of local prospects and boost your website’s traffic through geographic targeting and selected keywords.

We visited the office of a Californian agency – Digitawise LA, where we spectated the SEO process and had a friendly conversation. We have learned the following powerful SEO tips from them.

Always Conduct Keyword Research

Since search engines are mainly based on keywords, your SEO strategy ought to commence with keyword research. Although you can utilize a wide range of tools for this task, consider relying on easy-to-use and efficient tools like Long Tail Pro and Google AdWords keyword tool.

By finding keywords that possess low to medium competition, generate medium to high search volume and are relevant to your enterprise, you will pick out those that are ideal for use.

Consider Signing Up for Google My Business

For this case, register for Google My Business and try to fill all the fields in the about section with keywords that appropriately describe your enterprise. Since Google provides you with an opportunity to improve your profile using additional customized links, you can utilize the provision to link back to your blog, website, and other social platforms.

Powerful SEO tips for Small Local Businesses

Keep Adding Fresh Content to Your Blog

Your business blog can be a valuable tool. Other than posting useful and timely content to keep your readers engaged, use the platform to post about local occasions or events that have involved your company.

What’s more, consider using guest posts from other local enterprises operating in the same industry to deliver additional link-building.

Customer Reviews

Customer reviews act as easy and quick ways that consumers use to select the ideal link to click when searching for something. In fact, the quality and quantity of reviews are vital ranking determinants in Google Maps.

Therefore, encourage your customers to leave behind reviews of your business or products to increase not only your rankings but also your conversion rate.

Consider adding a visible button on your website that motivates customers to leave a review. By doing so, you will prevent unhappy customers from rushing to various review sites like Yelp and posting a negative/ damaging review of your business. Instead, they can share their sentiments with you easily.

Properly Optimize Your Local Pages

Make sure that you optimize all your local pages. You can do this task by updating your operating hours, uploading high-quality photos and updating the products and services that you provide.

Also, including pictures of your physical location or building can go a long way in ensuring that customers reach you.

Try Working with Local Influencers

Local influencers, in this case, could be Instagram celebrities, popular individuals in the area or even other business owners. The best part about all these parties is that they possess a considerable amount of influence on other people’s purchasing decisions.

For this reason, locate an influencer with a massive social media following and make a deal to promote your company by offering either money or a free product in return.

You can use a contact finder tool to find the email addresses or phone numbers of influencers you want to work with. This can be a great way to get in touch with them and start building a relationship.

The above tips may not be easy to apply, but they can be done. Putting them into practice will help take your enterprise to an entirely new level as far as marketing and revenue generation is concerned. 

Allowing more customers to know your business, products, and services will propel you into a local household brand.

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