Does Your Business website Needs to Use a CDN?

We are living in a world driven by content.

Today’s consumers are no longer susceptible to plastic one size fits all banner advertising – in the digital age, people want to build relationships with brands that not only offer genuine value but have shared values and beliefs. And your web content is the most effective way to demonstrate your value and communicate your brand message.

Recent studies suggest that content marketing generates over three times as many leads as outbound marketing – and on average, it costs 62% less.

From video-based narratives to blog articles, graphics, imagery, eBooks, website microcontent and beyond, to make a tangible mark in today’s hyper-connected commercial world, delivering your customers content that inspires, engages and answers their questions in a digestible format is the way to win.

But with so much content to handle, a website can become sluggish, disorganised and in some cases, unsecure and open to devastating cyber attacks.

As a modern business, your website will no doubt have to process a great deal of content – and while this is important – so is offering your customers a flawless user experience. So, how do you keep your website dynamic, attractive and rich with valuable content without affecting its performance?

The answer? Using a content delivery network (CDN).

Does Your Business website Needs to Use a CDN?


What is a CDN?

A content delivery network, or CDN, is  considered by many as the backbone of the web, concerning the delivery of digital content in particular. You can’t see a CDN in a physical sense, but you most likely interact with one everyday.

CDNs are utilised by companies to prevent site latency, a delay that occurs from when you request to load a web page to the point in which the content actually appears before your eyes. In addition to this, CDNs also serve to keep bandwidth costs to a minimum and significantly boost a website’s security through a series of network optimisations.

Why your business needs a CDN

By now the value of implementing a content delivery network will be clear – and if you’re an ambitious business looking to grow, develop and scale, choosing a popular CDN provider is critical to your future success.

To put this into perspective, here are the primary reasons why your business needs a CDN:

  • CDNs provide robust protection from large surges in traffic.
  • CDNs can significantly enhance website load times.
  • CDNs serve to drive down bandwidth costs.
  • CDNs improve overall website security through network optimisations.
  • CDNs help to condense and optimise content to help increase web performance.
  • CDNs collect and return invaluable data on your consumers and their behaviours.
  • CDNs will help you business to grow and scale seamlessly with minimal issues.

The content delivery network is your commercial companion, providing a host of automated services geared towards helping your website remain as efficient, authoritative and easy to navigate as possible, benefiting your customers and in turn, your business in a significant way.

CDN quick tips:

  • When choosing a CDN, make sure the provider offers comprehensive data and analytics.
  • Always check that a CDN provider offers excellent site security protocols.
  • Look at your business aims and ensure your potential provider boasts all of the assets you need within your budget.

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