We’re looking for a few good theme designers!

We’re still here … and working hard!

Yes, it’s been a while since we have been active on the blog, but, be assured, we have had our hands full with updates to PressWork. If you have not already had the chance to check out PressWork RC v1.0.4, you should to see what’s new!

Not only have we been hard at work answering all your questions on the forum, collecting your feedback, supporting our gracious contributors on GIT, and coding away to complete v1.0.4 … we’ve been working on a secret project. So, what’s this secret project you ask? Well, you’ll just have to keep following us on twitter and the blog and all shall be revealed soon.

Some BIG news

If you’ve been following the project, you know we’ve been very busy over the past few months coding, spreading the word, taking PressWork on the road, and growing our usership – more than 50,000 people use PressWork world wide! As we continue to grow and further develop PressWork Chris and I have our hands full, so we’re looking for a few good theme designers to join our extended family!

This is not a full-time job offer (yes you will be paid) – we’re looking for creatives that are passionate about theming, designing a better web, open standards, who love WordPress, dig startup life,  and want to give back or be a part of the ever growing PressWork community. SO, if you’re a CSS and Photoshop NINJA, and got some serious design skills – contact us!