Why Wooden Accessories Are a Better Choice Than Plastic

Here at Zafigo, we choose nature in everything, including accessories like phone cases. Their main purpose is to protect your smartphone from falls, hits, and other damage. But we also value beauty, durability, and eco-friendliness. And plastic cases don’t provide a lot of the latter.

If you want gorgeous natural accessories for yourself and your loved ones, wood cases may become the best choice. And here, we’ll discuss why.

Wooden Phone Cases Are Durable

A lot of people think that everything natural has a very short lifespan. However, wooden cases, cardholders, keychains, and other accessories are very durable. Plastic warps, melts, and chips easily. You throw it away and buy a new one that breaks very soon as well. It’s a cycle that involves a threat to ecology, unnecessary spendings, and less protection.

Buy a wooden case from a reliable manufacturer, and you’ll get a gorgeous and strong accessory that will really protect your phone and last for years. No more unnecessary money-spending, no more chips, no more heated plastic in your pocket.

Plus, wood cases only look better with time, which is another upside.

There’s No BPA in Wooden Accessories

Bisphenol A (BPA) is a substance that binds plastic together to form products like phone cases. It’s a synthetic compound that is dangerous to your health even if it is in small amounts. Unless noted otherwise on the plastic product, it definitely contains BPA.

And now think about all the times when your case heated up a lot due to extensive phone use, high temperatures in the summer, etc. How much of that compound got on your hands, face, and clothes? You may even inhale it!

Everything on your phone should be safe to use because you’re holding it in your hands and it touches your face every day. And this is where wooden cases become not only a beautiful addition to your accessories collection but a safety net for your health.

The Longer You Use It, The More Beautiful It Becomes

It’s a fact: wood looks only better with time. Firstly, you get a fresh wooden case with a gorgeous finish and an engraved picture or phrase. You use the phone, put it in bags and pockets. In a year, the case will wear a bit, transforming into a vintage one. The engraved picture or phrase will become darker and seem like you bought it in a vintage shop.

A little scratch, the leftovers of your skin oil, and more things only make these accessories look better. They gain character and open their unique wood grain even more with time.

The Looks Win

All useful things aside, we all love beautiful things. It’s much more pleasant to use your phone when it’s in an authentic, original, solid wooden case. The smell is fantastic, and if you order a personalized engraving, you’ll get a case that is one of a kind.

They are all unique, by the way, due to the natural wooden patterns. You can’t find two pieces of hardwood that look exactly the same. Wooden accessories look classy and bring confidence to your every move. Noble wooden cardholders, cases, keychains, and other small but meaningful things will change a lot in your mind, bringing you to nature. You won’t go back to plastic ever again.

Buy from a Reliable Manufacturer

If you want all of these benefits, you have to buy from a reliable manufacturer. They choose high-quality wood, treat it right, use premium finishes, and create unique designs, catering to different customers. They also make wooden accessories with love, which is a more important factor than you may think. Such cases, keychains, and other things last longer and bring you more joy.

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