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A WordPress plugin WP Reset is defined as an additional software organ which can be used to customize and enhance the capability of the software. A group of functions can be implemented using a plugin and it can be added to your WordPress webpage. A plugin is coded in PHP language.

You can integrate this new plugin on your website without any difficulty. You might know that since the inception of WordPress in 2003, it is the most famous as well as ever-growing blogging software in the market. There are about 55,000 WordPress plugins available and you can integrate it easily.

The market of WordPress websites is growing rapidly if you want to synchronize with its speed then adding plugins and making your webpage more elegant will improve your rank. One such helpful plugin is WP Reset which deals with the data of the webpage. The database is the backbone of any website and database used by WordPress is MySQL.

WP Reset is used to resets the database to its typical installation standards removing all the modifications. A theme or plugin developer can maneuver the WP Reset. It is secure, fast, and easy to use. The working data is not at all lost if you use the WP Reset. The process of removal of bugs is faster when you use WP Reset; it reset the settings and re-tests the code which makes it faster. The maximum utilization of the plugin is done by the developers.

Below are some of the features:

  • One Click Reset: If you need a fresh start as your first WordPress installation, just click ‘reset’ and see the magic. Yes, it is that easy!
  • Command Line compatible: The plugin can be executed using CLI also. It is compatible with the command line as well as desktop clicking.
  • Direct support from developers: If you face any problem the developers will guide you step by step. There is absolutely no outsourcing of the support, you will get full and best in-house support.
  • Post-reset setup: You don’t need to worry about settings of the environment after using the reset feature. The plugin will help and build the environment according to the user’s wish.
  • Database snapshots: You can select the snapshots of the database and use it for testing. If you have raw data or custom data, you can use it and save it in the form of database snapshots.
  • Webhooks Integration: You can use a third-party service to trigger or ping the process of resetting using Webhooks. It can be used for all the tools available within the plugin.
  • Plugin/Theme collector: You can create a plugin or theme collection and install it after using the reset feature. It can also be implemented while creating a new webpage. You can install them all together or one by one.
  • Nuclear Reset: If you want to delete everything like database, tables, and all the options/files, just press the nuclear reset button. All the data you used will be gone.

After noticing these features, you might be wondering what the procedure is and how does the plugin work? Let us understand the working of the plugin briefly below.

What does WP Reset do?

Resetting will filter out:

  • The written posts, pages, viewer’s comments, multi-media data, customized posts, and the user’s data will be deleted.
  • The typical WordPress tables will be filtered out.
  • The custom tables generated by the user will be deleted. Also, the prefix written in the wp-config.php will be removed.

Resetting will not affect:

  • The media files will be available in the wp-uploads column and it will be filtered out from the admin folder.
  • plugins, files, themes, and uploads stay in their place.
  • The title of the webpage, address of WordPress, etc. remains the same.
  • The user which is using the plugin will not be deleted. The credentials will remain the same for that user.

After you click on the reset button, you will be prompted with a confirmation message as there is no turning back. The reset feature will remove the above-listed items and some of the items will remain unaffected. After the completion, the software will log-off the user and re-verify the user credentials to let him/her in. The first page you will see is the admin dashboard. The plugin is available on the WordPress plugins store and after installation; you can activate it in the tools menu. The plugin is available in 4 languages and you
can develop it in your language also.


The WP Reset plugin makes it easier to delete/reset the database to its default installation. It is easy, secure, and can be integrated with your webpage. plugins enhances the working of the webpage and helps you to customize the webpage. You can grow your business with the WordPress plugins.

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