6 Tips on How to Choose a WordPress Theme

Even when you first started your blog, you should already have given it a unique theme. The right theme matters a lot. It will enable your blog to appear right on various devices. Your blog will load faster. It is easy to navigate and have a more aesthetic appearance that can encourage readers to read your blog. The following are 6 tips on how to choose a WordPress Theme.

Create a Feature List

The first step is to create a list of features that you want to see on your blog. There are lots of themes available on sale. You find some with a design style that matches with your blog content. However, don’t easily buy a template just because of the aesthetic appearance. You need to consider the features it has which is equally important. Some of the features on the themes are the number of columns, translation ready.

You can use a PDF editor like Movavi PDF editor to create the list of features in the WordPress theme. First, you click the Create Blank Pages button in the Pages mode. Next, you go to the Edit mode and click on the Text button to draw the text box. The area where you have drawn the text box will allow insertion of the cursor for you to type the text. When you are done typing the WordPress features list, you can click on the Save button on top and click the Export button to save it as a PDF. Get more details at https://pdf.movavi.com/.

Don’t Choose Theme with Too Many Features

The theme should not have more features than you need. You will not need those fancy features for your WordPress blogging. In fact, these extra features may affect your blog performance and cause it to load slower. Usually, these extra features can be added yourself by pasting codes you found online. So, it is no point spending money to buy an expensive theme with these extra features.

The Theme Must Be Responsive

Most importantly, the WordPress theme must be responsive and be able to load properly on multiple devices. You can perform a test of the theme by opening the blog URL on your own devices while recording any error that needs to be fixed like a theme doesn’t appear right, slow load time, and menu not clickable. If you like the theme but it is not responsive enough, you will have to customize it yourself or hire a web designer to tweak it.

Choose a Theme with a Color that Matches Your Brand

Color plays an important role in influencing the buying decision in internet marketing so make sure your WordPress theme has a color theme that matches with your brand. Some themes allow you to alter the appearance through the Edit Theme Appearance option on the dashboard. Alternatively, you can edit the CSS yourself to change the theme appearance. A light color theme works best for optimal readability.

Get a Premium Theme

If you have the budget, you should purchase a premium theme. A premium theme has been optimized for the search engine. You also receive free support after purchase. They will keep adding updates and fix bug issues on the theme. It will also be more convenient to make changes to the theme by contacting the theme author to fix an issue. Without this support, you will have to spend more money to hire a freelancer to fix them.

Choose a Theme With Easy to Read Font

The theme should have a font style and size that are easy to read. Font size has a role in capturing the attention of the visitors. The right font size in the navigation menu also allows people to easily browse your site. If the font style is OK but the text appears too small to read, you may be able to adjust it yourself in the CSS.

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