4 Tips For Acquiring More Crypto Clients

With crypto being one of the hottest topics out right now, it’s no wonder that a lot of people are trying to hop on this trend.

However, with so many different types of crypto companies out there, it can be difficult to know how to approach them for their web design needs. Which, if you’ve been considering taking on this approach, then I’ve compiled a few helpful tips for you to get started. Check them out below:

Learn About Its Usage

If you’re going to be pitching work to crypto companies, you first have to look at what the blockchain does, as well as why it’s helpful. Basically, the blockchain is a chain of record, and its design has sparked a ton of different use cases, ranging from financial tools to digital collectibles, with numerous other experiments in between.

In fact, as noted by CoinSchedule, there were approximately 211 ICOs last year, which while it was probably the biggest year for ICOs yet, it still doesn’t look to be slowing down anytime soon. And if you’re looking to try and breach this trend, it’d be good to take on a couple of lessons as to why crypto is useful.

When you break them down, blockchain can have a tremendous amount of different uses. For example, some companies are looking to solve logistical problems with medical information, where everyone’s file is easily accessible on the blockchain, thus reducing costs and giving patients more accurate care. Try to look at blockchain projects through this light, seeing why something should exist on the blockchain, as well as if it’s centralized or decentralized. As a relatively new phenomenon, it’s still early to see who’s going to be the front-runners, but so far, it’s anyone’s race.

4 Tips For Acquiring More Crypto Clients

Find Projects With Funding

Another important aspect to considering when trying to obtain more crypto clients is if they have funding or not. As noted by Business Insider, ICOs had a great year in 2017, with approximately $5.6 billion raised, which off the bat was competitive with the likes of traditional routes such as venture capital and angel investing.

If you’re not familiar, ICOs are essentially similar to public offerings for stocks, only you’re buying a token/coin to use on the blockchain company’s platform. As crypto is still largely unregulated, I’ll note that these are not considered securities, which can get confusing when hearing about the different terminology behind them. However, this has so far been an incredibly successful process so far in getting startups the funds they need.

The tricky thing with ICOs is how much you’re trying to get paid in cash versus how much you might be willing to take on in crypto. As you might find better luck (and perhaps a big payday) by getting funding via crypto, you’re also betting on a startup. If that’s acceptable to you, then go after projects that you feel is solving a genuine problem that others can understand. For example, TrustToken is looking to use the chain-of-action feature we mentioned earlier to help the asset management business. Try to find uses that provide real-world applications off the bat, as they’ll be the most lucrative in the long run.

Save Up For Some Travel

Although it’ll require some upstart costs, traveling can be an excellent way to meet with crypto clients and assure that you’re on your way to financial success. As noted by US Travel, for every dollar spent on travel, $9.50 is seen in revenue, and an additional $2.90 in profit, which can mean quite a bit for your web design company. Make a list of crypto clients you’re trying to visit, as well as if there are any crypto events you’re looking to attend. The more you can maximize your travel budget to get in front of people, the better, as crypto is one industry that you’re still able to stake your foundation in.

Bring On Contractors To Help With Your Pitch Work

Finally, as crypto is about tackling very specific tasks, it’s never a bad idea to bring on contractors to help with your pitch work. Not only will this get you ahead of the competition, but you’ll additionally be more likely to land a tremendous amount more business. Plus, the upstart costs aren’t nearly as bad as you might imagine, because as noted by UpWork, to bring on someone like a graphic designer would only cost around $45 per hour. Which, if you’re able to utilize these resources efficiently, then you’ll be much better off in the long run.

Start out by searching for what some common assets that are necessary for crypto sites, as well as places you can find an edge. Additionally, look out for contractors that might be able to get you these results for a fair market rate, factoring them into a bulk rate for clients. Also, don’t forget to set up a solid payment system like echecks to ensure you’re locking in the top talent around. All-in-all, crypto is only going to get more competitive, so it’s critical to arm yourself with the best to stay ahead of the game.

What are some crypto companies you’ve found fascinating to reach out to? Comment with your answers below!

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