Data Loss Prevention Tips When You Run A WordPress Site

Data loss prevention is not something that stands out as being really important for most small site users.

They will rely on the backups that are created by the hosting provider. While this is normally enough since hackers will not really attack the small sites, when looking at a WordPress site that represents a business, data loss prevention becomes a true necessity.

You never know what will go wrong so you have to be prepared for that worst-case scenario.

Besides thinking about the different themes you could use and what SEO plugins to consider, also remember this about data loss prevention.

Hosting Backups

Most people think that they are safe as there will always be a backup that the hosting provider can offer you. That is not actually the case and you have to be really careful, especially when your hosting package is cheap.

Many options exist on the market when looking at hosting backups. Some providers will create backups every month. Others will create an hourly backup. Based on how often you update your WordPress site, choose an option that gives you the backup that you need.

In most cases, you will use this as the last resort as some content may be lost but it is still better than losing everything.

Backup Plugins

Hosting Backups

This option should be quite obvious but there are still so many WordPress installed that simply use zero backup plugins. You surely put a lot of work into your content so you want it to not disappear.

Most users will create the content they publish directly in the WordPress dashboard. Some drafts will remain there and they would eventually be modified again before publishing. This is definitely not enough.

Look at the various backup plugins that you can use for WordPress right now. See which one is great for your current needs and look at the features. Choose one that will back up everything and that allows the backup to quickly be uploaded when something bad happens.

Cloud Solutions

Cloud Solutions

Backing up posts on your computer is always a viable option. You can republish content when the worst-case scenario becomes reality. However, your HDD can also be problematic and you might end up in the case when it fails. That is why it is normally a lot better to use something like Google Drive or Dropbox for a secondary backup solution.

This practically means that it is recommended that you create content on your computer and store it in files like Microsoft Word. Then, you can create an online backup with the use of cloud folders.


On the whole, data loss protection is all about prevention with WordPress. We did not mention security problems that may appear because this is something that should be common sense.

You will want to install all the security plugins that protect the installation from external access. WordPress security is not that difficult to guarantee but when it comes to data loss prevention, the key is to have backups in place at all times.

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