WPBakery – Premium Drag and Drop Page Builder for WordPress Review


Advanced WPBakery for WordPress

A pretty suggestive name for a powerful page building drag and drop plugin which powers over 100.000 WordPress websites on a daily basis.
WPBakery is a comprehensive drag and drop solution that works with any WordPress theme offering support for new or existing website content. The plugin provides a responsive administration for the front-end and the back-end. On top of that, on WPBakery you will find 45+ Content elements and forms like:
  • Design options and styling
  • Responsive design options
  • WordPress multi-site support
  • Advanced skin building add-on
  • many other features

Options to Extend WPBakery Even Further

Thanks to it’s beautifully coded interface, the plugin gathered huge popularity on the CodeCanyon marketplace and now there are 50+ add-ons and extensions designed especially to fit this plugin.

Among the top add-ons we have:

Templatera – template and theme builder

EasyTables – helps you create tables and divs

Supreme Shortcodes – adds 100+ extra shortcodes to help you control elements like boxes, responsive rows and columns and 3D buttons

4000 Ultimate Icons Addon – it says pretty clearly that it helps you add 4000 font based icons to your WordPress site, adjust the size and colors and apply different hover effects

Lime Popup Toolkit – Helps you create and manage tooltips, modal boxes, notifications and text blocks with unlimited color options and color schemes

Of course, these are just 5 of the most popular add-ons, the list goes on and on and because of WPBakery’s popularity, I am sure we are going to see many others in the near future.


WPBakery can help every WordPress newbie and also more advanced users to achieve better looking, more interactive and powerful designs and functionality for their sites. This will be done using a fully visual platform that requires no coding at all, making it a great choice for portfolio websites, blogs and even online ventures.


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